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What To Expect at Songs In Unexpected Places…

My latest project is in full swing now and I am LOVING meeting all the awesome people who have been brave enough to come and meet me at random places around my wonderful hometown of Hastings.  If you’d like to know what the heck I’ve been up to here’s a fab ‘behind the scenes’ movie by bestie mate and brilliant TV presenter Emily Booth made from the first event.


This week, The Hastings Independent Press have featured an article by the wonderful Sophie Shaw about Songs In Unexpected Places.  We met at the newly opened Goat Ledge to discuss how different spaces affect audience members and the performers who play in them. You can read the article below…

HIP article by Sophie Shaw. Photography by Georgie Scott. Shot on location at the Library @ The Holy Child, St Leonards.

Songs In Unexpected Places No.2

A while back, I was looking through some old photos with my Dad, when we came across this beautiful picture of my Mum and Dad on their first ever date, it was outside a coffee house my Mum worked at in the 50/60’s called The Regency.

Where it all began…The Regency Coffee House, George Street, Hastings.

I was really struck by the significance of this picture. Had this event not happened, I wouldn’t have happened! 

I tracked down the spot (of which I had walked past a million times and never paid any attention to) and decided that this was where I would meet everyone for my 2nd gig.

My son’s homemade sign attracting some attention…

I then led everyone The Clockwork Crow in George Street. This is a treasure trove of a shop which not only has a cave in the back, but also (handily for me) a vegan cafe, Sham City Roasters which makes its own coffee and stocks the most decadent Deadbeat Doughnuts I’ve EVER eaten!

So special to have my Dad at the gig…

I’m really enjoying exploring the richness and quirkiness of my beautiful hometown of Hastings through connecting with audiences in these amazing spaces.

Coming Up Next…

Songs In Unexpected Places no. 3 is on June 17th 2018 and I am REALLY excited about this one. It’s not usually open to the public so it will be such a treat to share with you…

To sign up go to Eventbrite

As always, thank you so much for all your continued support,

B x

Songs In Unexpected Places


Mr Jones’s Library
Photo by Georgie Scott

Very excited that my secret gigs around Hastings are now under way…

After some incredible suggestions from my online fans and friends I have found some very special spaces to share with you…

The first gig in the series on the 13th May was so much fun and a brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, exploring Mr Jones’s Library at The Holy Child in St Leonard’s.

This building is not usually open to the public and is about to be renovated after being left since the 1970’s, so it was a fascinating time to explore the site and perform a solo gig to such a brilliant and up for it audience.

To join in my ‘Songs In Unexpected Places’ please follow the link below and sign up to enter the ticket lottery.

Further gigs in the series will be 27th May, 17th June and the 22nd June 2018

Some of these spaces are small, so there will be limited spaces available.



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