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I’m Writing Again!!

In October 2017 I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto the Arvon Foundation’s Songwriting Retreat, led by the wonderful Ray Davies (The Kinks) and Marion Wells. It was just what I needed to reboot me back into my love of songwriting and armed only with my little old violin I set to work writing song after song in a beautiful farmhouse in Devon. I met some incredible creative talent on the course, including, of course, the total legend that is Ray Davies and learnt so much about myself as a songwriter and musician…

Arvon Songwriting Retreat with Ray Davies of The Kinks


So…under the cover of darkness last month I sneaked out without telling anyone, armed only with my violin and test ran a brand new song at this gorgeous little acoustic club in Hastings called The Lantern Society…they pick the best bits for their radio show, so if you want to go straight in for a BLH fix go to 23.20, if not, light a candle, pour yourself a little of what you fancy, don your favourite cosy cardigan and listen to the whole thing…


Thanks so much for all your continued support,

Love BLH


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