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Barefoot In Your Kitchen

Brand new Wah Wah signing Bev Lee Harling’s love of music and cooking combine in the Kitchen Sink Band where chopping boards, cheese graters, glass orchestras, colanders and a dog bowl are used along with music boxes, a musical saw and a 1950’s typewriter to create a musical, organic experience. Sometimes dark, sometimes frivolous, always engaging and human spirited, her songs common bond being the luscious, pure vocals that thread their way through the highs and lows of life experience.

Bev’s debut album, recorded in Berlin with Rogall, of Micatone fame, combines her culinary dalliances with a generous helping of soul, folk and a sprinkle of electronica to cook up an original and hearty feast. From the life-affirming “Post” to the bossa flavoured “Private Life Of A Puppet”, via the sultry sauce of “I’m Not That Girl” and the Southern fried blues of “Devil’s On Your Tail”, Bev Lee Harling caters for every palate.

Check Bev out live (she’s something else)!



“Album of the week!” Gilles Peterson, BBC 6Music (UK)

“I really love Bev’s voice and generally like her unique sound! I’m really into Same Story, Canary & Sunlight especially. She really does have a great sound that stands out & grabs me!” DJ Format (UK)

“Robots and Angels” is dope!” Gueray Uysal, Mercedes Benz Mixtape (Germany)

“A luscious mix of lounging soul, pots n pans percussion and kitchen sink drama.” Wrongtom, Big Dada / Tru Thoughts (UK)

“A stunning alliance of Norah Jones jazz-pop excursions meeting Amy Winehouse retro-cool nostalgia-diving, Bev Lee Harling deserves to be 2012’s next big thing.” Hearhearmusic.com

Full review here

“Really cool sound! Amazing for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio!” Jose Maria Ramon, Ibiza Global Radio (Ibiza)

“Incredible voice. A breath of fresh or bottled pre-40s smoggy but audibly authentic air, depending on what side of the fence you’re grazing on. ‘Buy Me’ has you from the get-go with the “boom tsk, boom tsk” reverberating through your plug hole canals.” DJ Baz (Funk 45s, Dublin)

“Excellent album… sweet like a Darjeeling first flush.” Walter, Really Swing Records

“Loving  Bev Lee Harling’s debut album at the moment. This is the full package; great voice, lyrics and music.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard these songs on adverts for the rest of the year.  Great stuff!” Pimpernel  Jones, Herma Puma, First Word (UK)

“Been looking forward to this to drop since the single, So happy it doesn’t disappoint, great, great album!” King Tee (Ireland)

“Thanks for giving delicious music every time! Lovely voice, delicate sounds and catchy melodies. I’ll play Private Life of a Puppet, I’m Not That Girl, Canary, Barefoot In Your Kitchen and Post. The album cover is amazing!” Cesare Cera, Irma Records (Italy)

“Great album – she’s really got her own sound which is refreshing to hear on a debut. Another Wah Wah surefire winner! Full support!” DJ Gilla, First Word (UK)

“Wow another timless album comes out from your wonderfull Wah Wah label…i have to check it out a little more this one…..

will play some song in may on the Springfestival in Graz with Gilles and Patrick.” DJ Easy Agent (Switzerland)
“I have to admit that I was a little unsure about this album, maybe because it wasn’t what I expected. As with all good lps, this has got better every time I’ve played this wonderful album. “Private Life Of A Puppet” features on this week’s show and “every little…” kicked off the show a few week’s ago. Thanks for sending through. Simon Harrison www.basic-soul.co.uk (UK)

“Very nice album and very nice artist ! Good luck with it !!” Ralf Zitzmann, Agogo Records (Germany)

“Wah Wah 45 have just released an interesting album by Bev Lee Harling, not strickly speaking something that fits easy into eclectic jazz but worth of a mention none the less. ‘Barefoot In Your Kitchen’ quirky electronics, folk melodies and cheeky 50s kitsch combine to make an enchanting whimsical journey led by Harling’s deceptively innocent and quaint vocals.” Phil Levene, Eclecticjazz.com (UK)

“I will support in beginning of May.” Josef Sedlon, Radio 1 (Czech)

“Simply beautiful! I really hope she’ll get the public attention she deserves. An outstanding debut album!” DJ Kinski (Germany)

“Nice album! Perfect for my radio!” Hector Pizarro, Chile Con Mix (France)

“Thanks for the album, it’s been on rotation this week, I am loving it!” DJ Kappa (Brighton)

“So so lovely….will defo hammer it !!!” Markus Miltz, Further In Fusion (Germany)

Support from Jazz FM (UK); “Private Life Of A Puppet” & “Robots And Angels” played on Gilles Peterson’s show on BBC 6Music (UK); “Buy Me” on Gary Crowley, BBC London (UK); Dave Bassin, Freefall, KUSF, San Fransisco (USA); “Devil’s On Your Tail” played on Higher Club, Red Bull Music Academy Radio (Spain); “Robots And Angels” played by Toshio Matsuura, Radio Tokyo Moon, InterFM, Tokyo / Yokohama (Japan); “Robots And Angels” played on The Jazzmadass Radioshow, Radio X, Frankfurt (Germany); “Private Life of a Puppet” played by Josef Sedlon on Radio 1 (Czech)

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