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Brand New Single – Out Now!

The day has finally arrived…

Darlings,Its finally time to share my exciting news with you…
Its been nearly a decade since I’ve released any of my solo music into the public domain, but the day has finally arrived and I am so excited to be sharing it with you.
Today my new single ‘Dirty Dragonfly’ is released into the world by the wonderful and supportive independant record label WahWah45s. They’ve waited a long time for this musical soup I had in my brain to come to fruition!

Dirty Dragonfly was inspired by a very unconventional, and very brief, holiday encounter I had:

My first time away from being a mum, I travelled to see my sister in Spain and I had an outpouring of musical ideas while I was there. Total bliss – just me, a beat up old guitar, a LOT of hand claps and a laptop. I went swimming in an outdoor pool and got stalked by a very beautiful, but very persistent dragonfly. Every time I swam a length, it would be waiting for me at the other end of the pool. I really enjoyed being able to take the time to interact with the nature that was around me… even if it was a bit creepy…

If you’d like to have a listen/buy/stream/share and immerse yourself in my inner experimental, playful world filled with violins, oud, percussion and a LOT of hand claps then please go to…


Heres a goofy picture of me recording this single with my awesome producer and partner Frank Moon.
….and a goofy picture of my niece Abi Harcourt-Smith (sorry Abi!)  who took a hair and make up idea I had and realised it fully for our shoot with the fantastic photographer Simon Booth.


As a little thank you for reading my news, here’s a little solo live video I made at one of my Songs In Unexpected Places gigs.  I played to a tiny audience of 15 so I could squeeze them into the fishing boat inside the Fishermans Museum after hours.

Dirty Dragonfly solo violin/voice at Fisherman’s Museum Hastings
for taking the time to read this news and I hope it finds you well and following whatever makes you feel good in this crazy ole world of ours,

All my love

B x

p.s More singles and a full album coming this Autumn …

Wonky Cups, Cats and Revenge


Wonky Cups, Cats and Revenge

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding social media a bit overwhelming at the moment and have been missing having some proper, meaningful exchanges with other humans.  In an age of lock downs, pandemic’s, environmental disasters and crazy politics I am DESPERATE to get back to the basics of what makes us the truly incredible species that we are.In this news post, I will be musing about all sorts of things and, of course, keeping you up to date on all my music stuff too.  BUT it’s really important to me that we have an exchange, so PLEASE write back if you feel moved to.  I want to know how you are, what’s keeping you sane right now and good things that are happening in your life. Write to me at post@bevleeharling.com
We need to counteract the constant bombardment of bad news with some hope, happiness and a liberal sprinkle of quirky silliness.Speaking of which…
Meet Wotsit…a ginger kitten who belongs to a violin student of mine…butter wouldn’t melt right?
WRONG!! The last time I taught my student, this devil kitty managed to claw onto my carefully coiffered plait and swung on it for a good 2 minutes!! It was also gut wrenching to chuck this little cutie out of my violin case at the end of the session.

Passing on the skills I have to others during this time, either through socially distanced lessons or on Zoom has kept me connected with a wide range of wonderful people and meant I’ve been able to make musical connections with others.

What skills do you have that you’ve been sharing over this time?

A record I made in collaboration with the Colman Brothers features in Episode 3 of Two Weeks to Live.
If like me, you like to immerse yourself in a good box set occasionally, there’s a brand new series starring Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones currently on Now TV.  The story is a tale of revenge and weird survival skills as Maisie’s character vows to avenge her fathers death.

I created my own version of Peggy Lee’s ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’ using just my violin and voice, recorded by Frank Moon. The Colman Brothers weaved their magic into it and the wonderful WahWah45’s released it.

Both versions and a remix by Suonho can be listened to and purchased from Bandcamp by clicking the vinyl picture below.

How are you listening to music these days? I mainly use a mix of vinyl and spotify, but also buy downloads where I can to support other artists, especially in the current climate.

I have discovered a new creative passion recently…I am totally obsessed with throwing clay!! I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m loving the process of working with something so physical, compared to the other worldly quality of composing music.
I love that you have no idea what the finished article will look like until it emerges from the kiln as the glazes don’t look anything like the true colours once they’ve been fired and I’m also proud of the wonky bits!!!

Have you discovered a new skill or passion over lock down??

Thats it from me…

Thanks for making it this far, you must have a really great attention span!

As a thank you here’s a song about a recurring nightmare I had as a kid…

Bev Lee Harling – Man Under My Bed
Taken from my special solo concert series ‘Songs In Unexpected Places’. This concert was in an old Gentleman’s Library in a convent, untouched for over 60 years…Looking forward to when I can curate Series 2 in 2021.

I’ll be in touch soon with news about my 2nd album…its coming!!!

Can’t wait to hear from you,

Love, Love, Love

B x

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