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Brand New Single – Out Now!

The day has finally arrived…

Darlings,Its finally time to share my exciting news with you…
Its been nearly a decade since I’ve released any of my solo music into the public domain, but the day has finally arrived and I am so excited to be sharing it with you.
Today my new single ‘Dirty Dragonfly’ is released into the world by the wonderful and supportive independant record label WahWah45s. They’ve waited a long time for this musical soup I had in my brain to come to fruition!

Dirty Dragonfly was inspired by a very unconventional, and very brief, holiday encounter I had:

My first time away from being a mum, I travelled to see my sister in Spain and I had an outpouring of musical ideas while I was there. Total bliss – just me, a beat up old guitar, a LOT of hand claps and a laptop. I went swimming in an outdoor pool and got stalked by a very beautiful, but very persistent dragonfly. Every time I swam a length, it would be waiting for me at the other end of the pool. I really enjoyed being able to take the time to interact with the nature that was around me… even if it was a bit creepy…

If you’d like to have a listen/buy/stream/share and immerse yourself in my inner experimental, playful world filled with violins, oud, percussion and a LOT of hand claps then please go to…


Heres a goofy picture of me recording this single with my awesome producer and partner Frank Moon.
….and a goofy picture of my niece Abi Harcourt-Smith (sorry Abi!)  who took a hair and make up idea I had and realised it fully for our shoot with the fantastic photographer Simon Booth.


As a little thank you for reading my news, here’s a little solo live video I made at one of my Songs In Unexpected Places gigs.  I played to a tiny audience of 15 so I could squeeze them into the fishing boat inside the Fishermans Museum after hours.

Dirty Dragonfly solo violin/voice at Fisherman’s Museum Hastings
for taking the time to read this news and I hope it finds you well and following whatever makes you feel good in this crazy ole world of ours,

All my love

B x

p.s More singles and a full album coming this Autumn …

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