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Her second single on Wah Wah 45s, “Post”, comes on the back of her album being hailed as nothing less than “simply brilliant” by Gilles Peterson on BBC6 Music, who also made it his Album of the Week in mid-June. It’s a delightful, life-affirming love song featuring happy-go-lucky guitars and a chorus of kazoos!

Label mate Scrimshire weighs in with a little nod to Bjork (a firm favourite of both artists) with his Scrimshire & Isobel Remix, featuring a glass orchestra and a serious bass-line, before things calm right down for Bev’s beautiful duet with her favourite music box, rounding things off perfectly for a lady who’s gaining an army of fans at every festival she plays at this summer.

Check Bev out live!
24/08 – Towersey Festival
25/08 Shambala Festival
27-28/09 Wiltons Music Hall


“I thought you’d be pleasantly surprised to know I really like the Scrimshire & Isobel Remix and the Music Box Version which is unusual for me because I usually prefer the original mixes of songs..but this time I really like these other mixes as they seem to suit the vocals better (in my humble opinion)!” DJ Format (UK)

“Superb ! I like a lot, the music box version is delicious!” Azaax (Tru Thoughts / France)

“Really cool remix!!! I,ll start to play it today in my shows on Ibiza Global Radio. Just supporting beautiful music!” Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza)

“A very pleasant curve ball signing for Wah Wah, not what I might have expected, but absolutely marvelous. My mellow moments need not be silent with Bev around, so good work Wah Wah, something to go overground maybe?” Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz, UK)

“Scrimshire’s mix is the one for me. Nice work!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“I love the Scrimshire version. I can’t get the image of a giggling Bev splashing her feet at the side of the pool singing to the boys at the other side. They’re all tapping their coke bottes along to her dulcit tones with massive big smiles on their faces.” DJ Baz Hickey (Ireland)

“I love that Scrimshire remix! Very outstanding.” DJ Kinski (Germany)

“Love the remix, delicate but firm!” Antonino Musco (Party934 Radio, NYC, USA)

“Love the Music Box Version. Music can be so simple.” DJ M.Path.IQ (!K7, Germany)

“Cool stuff!” DJ Alan Skov (Copenhagen, Denmark)

“Just awesome versions! Damn, live them. I’ll play the two versions on 07.07.2012 and 21.07.2012 at the “45 RPM” radio show (http://www.mixcloud.com/Soulmate/).” DJ Dobo Marzov (Bulgaria)

“Scrimshire (and Isobel) deliver an interesting remix. I will support that remix as it will make for a nice relaxing show opener…” DJ Nelito (Radio play on Power FM, Holland)

“Scrimshire & Isobel remix is fantastic !!!” Markus Milz (Further In Fusion, Germany)

“Scrimshire Remix for me!” Hector Pizarro (Chile Con Mix, France)

“I can already hear the music box remix on soundtracks and adds … Dreamy , kooky , quirky … and sweet … The girls will love it …” DJ Toon (Australia)

Great radio interview with Peter Curtin, Spin South West Radio



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