POST project

Being the old fashioned girl I am, and much as I enjoy this age of social media, theres nothing I love more than receiving a handwritten envelope in the post. There’s a moment of excitement and anticipation just before you open that package, the feeling of the unknown, and the realisation that someone cared enough to take the time to write to you, find that stamp, and walk to the postbox.Theres also a beauty in how slow that process is in a hectic, high speed world and that its taken many different people to allow that letter to find you. In an attempt to marry the old fashioned gal and the modern woman in me I am setting up my POST project…

This morning I am posting 4 different envelopes to 4 different people I really care about and next week I will be posting 6 more… In each envelope are 10 home made postal tags that feature in my latest video, with 10 different messages taken from the lyrics of my new single POST. On the back of each tag is a download code allowing the receive a FREE download of my single. If you receive this package all you need to do is choose a tag which feels most relevant to you, hang the tag somewhere interesting, take a photo and then “tag” me in a “post” on facebook or twitter so we can send you the link to download your 3 free tracks. Then it’s your turn to choose someone that you care about and post the remaining gift tags to them, and then the process begins again… I want to see just how far around the world my little birds can fly.

As I really care about the people that support my music I would like to send one of the next 5 packages to you! All you need to do is share the new video on your facebook wall, tag me (simply hit the @ key and type Bev Lee Harling to find my music page) and write “please post a message to me!”. Love B x

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