All my little birdies have flown…

Its been a surprisingly emotional journey putting these little packages together.

The breaking down of my lyrics onto the tags for the video really taught me a thing or two about my own writing, and proved to me how much I actually really meant this song, as the smaller the lyrics got broken down, the more meaning they seemed to have.

I also feel like I am giving away little pieces of myself unconditionally and have actually been through a process of letting go (yes, I know theyre only bits of cardboard!)

…will my little tags be hung somewhere beautiful, or will they end up in the gutter…will they bring joy…or will they have to be put on someones list of “yet another thing to do”…will the postal service come up trumps…or will they prove to me that maybe I should have just written to everyone on facebook and told them how great I think they are…(the first mass internet stalker!)

Either way, I made you, I love you, and I gave you away,

B x

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